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You have found the web site for the "Oklahoma Callejeros RC".  We are a mom and pop riding club (RC) supporting the Red & Gold Nation.  We are not brand or gender specific.  We welcome all brands of bikes, American and metric.  We are family oriented but we are also an adult club, we just happen to think that family is important.  We are not a Christian motorcycle club but if Jesus rides with you he is welcome with us also.  The same is true for Odin, Zeus, or Buddha.  We don’t want to save any whales or stand for any causes other than motorcycle rights and education.  We are just looking to have fun with our brothers and sisters. 

Some so called riding clubs are more interested in talking about riding than actually riding.  The Callejeros is a RIDING club. Our rides may be short (less than 20 miles), but most are longer (100 miles gusting to 200 miles or more). We like to ride and sometimes party.  Check us out. If you want to go on a ride.... come on.  


1 in 1,000 Chance to Win this Custom Motorcycle (better odds than other bike raffles)

the GentTickets for a chance to win the custom motorcycle the "Gent", are now on sale. The Gent is unlike other custom motorcycles. It is a replica of the "Gent", ridden by Michael Madsen in the 2009 movie about motorcycles, partying, motorcycle mayhem, "hot" motorcycle babes, and did I mention motorcycles? Click on the photo for details about the Gent and the drawing. Proceeds from the Gent will go to the Czy Potter Memorial Scholarship fund. THe winning ticket will be drawn on April 27 at the Tulsa Spring National Drags.


The Spring National Drags Are Coming Up Faster than Drag Bikes to the Finish Line

QR TicketsThe Tulsa Spring National Drags are scheduled for April 27 at the Tulsa Speedway Park, 3101 N Garnett Road, Tulsa.  This year we have a drawing for the $25,000 "Gent" motorcycle. Someone is going to win this bike and the chances are pretty good since only 1,000 tickets were printed.

The Spring National Drags are your opportunity to safely and legally race your bike against local and national drag bikes. There will be vendors, food, drinks and motorcycle entertainment. Tickets are $15 advanced sale, or $20 at the gate. Click on the QR code, or scan it with your smartphone, to get ticket information.

The Kings-N-Queens RC is assisting the Tulsa and Woodward chapters of the Callejeros in putting on the drags. Proceeds from the drags help us award college and technical school scholarships, and purchase socks for Tulsa's homeless. Proceeds from last years drags enabled us to award two scholarships and provide socks for hundreds of homeless people.


 Extra! Extra! Read All About It ~ Kings-N-Queens is a Winning Hand

Poker handOur Red & Gold family is proud to announce that the Kings-N-Queen RC has become a new addition to our family. Kong is their President. The club is a member of the CoC. They are located in Kellyville, OK. Soon we will add a page and contact info to this website.



Big League Lineup Change in Woodward

Callejero Havic has been promoted from VP to President of the Woodward chapter. In between his efforts to develop string ties with local MC clubs, he is working on a fund raising event to help a local charity. The next time you see Havic, you might as if it's true that he was promoted from VP to Pee.


State_Chapter_map_9-20-13Callejeros Chapters

 The Callejeros are growing. We have chapters throughout Oklahoma.   In June 2012 we added the Lawton chapter.

Early in 2013, the Callejeros expanded to Woodward. We are excited to welcome our brothers and sisters into the Red and Gold world.  If you would like more information on the happenings in Woodward, please go to the Woodward Callejeros page, or click on the Callejeros Woodward icon on the Oklahoma map.

In March, 2014, we added the King-N-Queen Family RC. They are located in Kellyvile. They are very active and family oriented.

Click on a chapter, if you want to see what events that chapter has planned, to obtain contact or meeting information, or to see what interesting and fun events you missed.


Useful Riding Information 

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We are Proud Members of the Red & Gold Nation

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