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Welcome to Tulsa Time

You have found the web site for the Tulsa chapter of the Oklahoma Callejeros RC.  We are a mom and pop riding club (RC) supporting the Red & Gold Nation.  We are not brand or gender specific.  We welcome all brands of bikes, American and metric.  We are family oriented but we are also an adult club, we just happen to think that family is important.  We are not Christian motorcycle clubs but if Jesus rides with you he is welcome with us also.  The same is true for Odin, Zeus, or Buddha.  We don’t want to save any whales or stand for any causes other than motorcycle rights and education.  We are just looking to have fun with our brothers and sisters. 

We are a RIDING club. Our rides may be short (less than 20 miles), but most are longer (100 miles gusting to 200 miles or more). We like to ride and sometimes party.  Check us out. If you want to go on a ride, or visit a meeting . . . . come on.  

New Red & Gold Event Coordinator

genie-gunfighterCallejero Estado RG announced the promotion of Chico, to the newly formed position of Red & Gold Event Coordinator. Chico has a track record of assembling and running successful major sporting events, including Tulsa Celebrity Fight Night. Chico reports to the Tulsa Bandido President. The position of President of the Tulsa chapter will be filled by RG, until a new President is selected. Chico can be reached at (918) 284-4295. Atta boy, Chico!


Chapter Meetings

We hold our meetings every month.  Dates and locations vary to fit our very busy events and families' schedules.  There are two parts of our meetings: public and private.  Guests are welcome to sit in on the public portion.  Depending on the time and weather, we may ride after the meetings.  Meetings are a good way to meet members and experience the flavor of our chapter.  If you are interested in visiting a meeting, please contact us ahead of time to verify the meeting location and date/time.  

Events & Rides

You are welcome to attend our rides and events. They are a great way to have fun and learn about the Callejeros. Our rides are suitable for experienced and novice riders alike. If you have special needs (IE: short fuel or pee range, or are new to group riding), check with our Ride Captain before departure. Aways arrive at the departure point with a fuel tank and empty bladder.

Contact Us snail

   PO Box 141171,  Broken Arrow, OK   74014


"RG" (Estado) (918) 557-6512  

 "Rose"  (Secretary/Treasurer)   (918) 852-6876  

       "Shaggy Mac (Sergeant-at-Arms)  (918) 915-0109


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Oklahoma & surrounding states road conditions   1-800-585-ROAD (7623)         

We are Proud Members of the Red & Gold Nation

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