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You have found the web site for the "Oklahoma Callejeros RC".  We are a mom and pop riding club (RC) supporting the Red & Gold Nation.  We are not brand or gender specific.  We welcome all brands of bikes, American and metric.  We are family oriented but we are also an adult club, we just happen to think that family is important.  We are not a Christian motorcycle club but if Jesus rides with you he is welcome with us also.  The same is true for Odin, Zeus, or Buddha.  We don’t want to save any whales or stand for any causes other than motorcycle rights and education.  We are just looking to have fun with our brothers and sisters. 

Some so called riding clubs are more interested in talking about riding than actually riding.  The Callejeros is a RIDING club. Our rides may be short (less than 20 miles), but most are longer (100 miles gusting to 200 miles or more). We like to ride and sometimes party.  Check us out. If you want to go on a ride.... come on.  

There's a New Estado in Town

RadarCallejero Radar Has been promoted to Estado of the Callejero and Kings 'N Queens chapters that fall under control of  the Tulsa Bandidos. These chapters report to Radar. He also coordinates activities with other chapters and clubs, and will be expanding chapters in Northern Oklahoma.



Way to Go, Woodward Callejeros

The Oklahoma Callejeros support our communities. We give scholarships, socks for the homeless in the winter, take books and toiletries to vets in the VA hospital, visit downed bikers from different clubs, support firefighters, and other clubs' events. 

Last weekend, the Woodward Callejeros raised the bar to a new, high level.  Along with some local businesses, they held a benefit poker run.  They raised over $7,500 to help the family of a young man who had recently drowned. Way to go, Brothers!  We will soon add photos of the event.

The South Rides Again!

rebel flagThe Callejeros have a new chapter called, are you ready for this -- LiL' Dixie. This chapter covers all of SE Oklahoma. As the chapter grows in specific towns such as Idabel or Antlers, we will spin off city chapters.  The Lil' Dixie chapter is comprised of members from several previous Callejero chapters, so they are hitting the ground running. Please click on their tab at the top of the page to more information on the chapter.


Do You Have the Guts for This Ride?

Bug Gut Flyer If you have ever hated those pesky bugs that ruined your freshly washed motorcycle, here is your chance to get even with them and earn some cash. Think of it as a Bug Bounty. All bikers are welcome to join the Tulsa Callejeros, Saturday, September 13 for a bug gut run to Stillwater. Registration is 7 - 8PM at Warehouse Market parking lot on Hwy 97 in Sand Springs. Targets are $1.00 each. Put as many targets on your bike as your wallet can handle. The ride terminates at Mexico Joes, 311 E Hall of Fame Ave, Stillwater (food and drink available). Sorry, No BYOB (no Bringing Your Own Bugs). All the cash collected will be divided among the winners.


Town Drags is Oct 5th

Yes, yes, I know -- October 5th is a long way away, but the way you ride, it won't take long before it is upon us. Please mark your calendar with this popular motorcycle event. This year the program is being revamped to add more excitement, vendors and prizes. Check back here often for event updates. Check with Callejero or Kings 'N Queens members for advanced tickets for $15. Tickets cost $20 at the gate.

The Gathering -  Oct 17, 18 & 19

All Oklahoma Calleheros and Kings 'N Queens chapters are holding a statewide party. This closed event allows our families to become better acquainted. This is a closed events.

Callejeros Chapters

 The Callejeros are growing. We have chapters throughout Oklahoma.   In June 2012 we added the Lawton chapter.

chapter flagEarly in 2013, the Callejeros expanded to Woodward. We are excited to welcome our brothers and sisters into the Red and Gold world.  If you would like more information on the happenings in Woodward, please go to the Woodward Callejeros page, or click on the Callejeros Woodward icon on the Oklahoma map.

In March, 2014, we added the King-N-Queen Family RC. They are located in Kellyville. They are very active and family oriented.

In August, 2014, we added the SE Oklahoma "Lil Dixie" chapter.

Click on a chapter, if you want to see what events that chapter has planned, to obtain contact or meeting information, or to see what interesting and fun events you missed.

Useful Riding Information 

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We are Proud Members of the Red & Gold Nation

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