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The Tulsa Callejeros were formed January 1, 2009.  We are a very active riding club.  When weather permits, we usually ride several times a month.  While some riding clubs' ideas of a ride is to the local pub or to restaurant, in 2011, we rode in separate trips to Tombstone, Dallas, Galveston, and Albuquerque as well as many local trips to restaurants, pubs, and interesting locations.  We participated in the statewide Callejeros party, Confederation of Clubs annual party, Galveston's Salty Dogs annual party, Tulsa Callejeros Thanksgiving and Christmas (50 people) parties, and the Tulsa Toy Run.   We also rode to Joplin, MO to assist in the tornado aftermath, and assisted a local benefactor in distributing Christmas gifts to needy families.  Scroll down to Coming Events & Rides to learn about our coming events.  Click on Photo Gallery to view our past events.

Tulsa Callejeros Meetings

We hold our meetings every month.  Dates and locations vary to fit our very busy events and families' schedules.  There are two parts of our meetings: public and private.  Guests are welcome to sit in on the public portion.  Depending on the time and weather, we may ride after the meetings.  Meetings are a good way to meet members and experience the flavor of our chapter.  If you are interested in visiting a meeting, please contact us ahead of time to verify the meeting location and date/time.  

Events  & Rides

We welcome all riders to our meetings, rides and events.  Events and rides are a great way to have fun and learn more about the Callejeros.  Our rides are suitable for experienced and novice riders alike. If you have special needs (IE: short fuel or pee range, new to group riding), check with our Ride Captain before ride departure. Of course, always arrive at the departure site with a full tank and empty bladder.


Contact Us

   Snail Mail:   snailPO Box 141171,  Broken Arrow, OK   74014

   E-Mail  (Click on a name to contact that person)

"Genie" (President)   genie@ok-callejeros.com   (918) 557-6512


"Rose" (Secretary -Treasurer)   roadsrose@aol.com   (918) 852-6876 

We Are Proud  Members of the Red & Gold Nation

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